Mindsoup Counselling Service Company Statement

Mindsoup Counselling Service is committed to providing the following standards required to practice Counselling in the UK, in association with Clients, Colleagues and Associate Companies.

These ethical and moral expectations and requirements are in line with those of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (www.BACP.co.uk).

Mindsoup Counselling Service provides good quality of care by:

Maintaining Competent Practice: Keeping updated on research, Continued Professional Development ( minimum of 30 hours per year) Teaching and training on theories applied, and attending supervision to maintain and enhance delivery of theories, ensuring that work is kept on track, with the ability as a Counsellor to be self-reflective, willing to consider alternative methods and be mindful of competence.

Keeping Trust and Respect: Respecting Clients right to be self-governing, by allowing Clients to be accurately informed of services offered, information given, protection of privacy and confidentiality in line with required boundaries. This also includes the Counsellor to expose any deemed conflict of interest and a commitment to no manipulation to all.

Fitness to Practice: Ensuring Self Care is maintained at all times, and being able to refrain from Counselling if not well or unforeseen circumstances.

If things go wrong: Being able to provide and respect the correct Complaints procedure, initially to be addressed with Mindsoup Counselling Service and then, if required the BACP as the governing body. (The BACP @ www.BACP.co.uk/complaints.)

ResponsibilitiesMindsoup has full Professional Indemnity Insurance and recognised qualifications and belongs to the Governing body for Counselling and Psychotherapy, meeting all their criteria to be an Individual Member. Also ensuring provision of adequate information for Clients, Service Users and associate Businesses

Referrals / working with a Team: If at any time a Client / Business needs to be referred to an alternative Counsellor (i.e. due to conflict of interest or requirement of Therapy in a specialised area, outside of the remit offered at Mindsoup) Mindsoup is committed to being able to supply and guide Clients to appropriate referrals

Recognising Equality and Diversity: Respecting human rights and dignity; providing fair and impartial treatment to all.