“Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like I do?”

“Am I going mad, as no one else seems to think like I do?”

“I have been diagnosed with a mental illness / disorder – is it normal?”

These are commonly asked questions, as when we have troubles and worries it can feel really lonely and scary , so to help reassure you that you are not alone Mindsoup has collected some useful short videos on a range of issues that people often seek support and counselling for.

Remember it’s not all about struggles and there are also some motivational clips because having hope and finding inner strength is so important too.

Keep an eye on this page as there will always be something new to add to Mindsoups Library.

Hope you find these helpful, and if you have seen a short video that is not yet featured on Mindsoup then we would love to hear what it is and how it helped you. To upload your video on the contacts form, please click here on Contact Mindsoup.

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