Helpful Links

At Mindsoup we believe it is important to know that help is always available and below is a list of Emergency or useful numbers:

If you feel in a deep crisis and need immediate help then it is advised that you contact your GP and / or go to your local Accident and Emergency Dept. straight away.

Telephone 08457 909090

A.A Alcoholics Anonymous
Telephone 0845 769 7555

Anxiety Help
Telephone 08444 775 774

Gamblers Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous
Telephone 0300 999 1212


Helpful Reading.

As well as getting professional support from a Counsellor or Therapist it can be really beneficial to continue to build on your own confidence, self- awareness and personal growth in your own time and reading books is a great way of achieving this.

Here are just a few suggestions from Mindsoup, and if you have discovered a Book that has inspired or helped you we would love to hear about it, so just send us an email and we may be able to feature it on this page. Please click here to go to the Contact Mindsoup.

Losing Your Pounds of Pain: Breaking the Link between Abuse, Stress and Overeating

Author: Doreen Virtue Ph. D

A book that shows how you can break the damaging connection between emotional pain and overeating, containing lots of realistic tips and coping mechanisms.


Overcoming Anxiety

Author: Helen Kennerley

A self – help guide to overcoming managing anxiety, looking at the triggers and finding assertiveness and problem solving techniques.

Overcoming Low Self Esteem

Author: Dr Melanie Fennell

A self-help guide that explores the routes of low self-esteem and how to apply simple techniques to challenge your thinking and overcome self-doubt and self-criticism.

I’m OK, You’re Ok

Author: Thomas A Harris MD.

In sensible, non-technical language Thomas A Harris explains how to gain control of yourself, your relationships and your future – no matter what happened in the past.

Counselling for Toads

Author: Robert de Board

A helpful and interesting read about Counselling, self-exploration and why we have specific behavioural patterns, based upon the famous character of Toad from Wind in the Willows.

Sane New World: Taming the Mind.

Author: Ruby Wax

Comedian , writer and mental health campaigner Ruby Wax describes how our thinking can be ‘re-wired’ from being self-critical, complex and busy to be the master of your thinking and learn how to combat issues such as stress and anxiety.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families.

Author: Stephen R Covey.

Covey addresses what really is priority in life, how to handle daily stresses and routines and skills to improve family life, goals and improved cooperation.

 Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning.

Author: Victor Frankl

A challenging read that explores what being human is all about, looking at understanding yourself and the challenges faced in the Western world.

Liquid Thinking: Inspirational Lessons from the World’s Greatest Achievers.

Author: Damien Hughes.

Damien Hughes shares methods used by great achievers, and describes how these techniques can be used to achieve personal goals, ambitions and success and how to overcome obstacles.